Five-Axis Changes Weldments Into Monolithic One-Piece Parts

Moving from welding to five-axis machining enabled Barbco to redesign its weldments as monolithic one-piece parts with improved strength and repeatability.

4-way Bed Precision Lathe Features Automated Cycles

4-way Bed Precision Lathe Features Automated Cycles

Long and thin workpieces can be machined without reclamping on this new machine from Weiler, according to the company.

3+3 Air Chuck Features Extended Stroke and Self-Centering

To keep up with the demands of the oil and gas industry, SMW Autoblok introduces BBFZA2G Air Chuck, featuring an extended stroke clamping range and three self-centering jaws.

Starrag Adds Machining Center to Kentucky Lab

The new turbine blade machining center is designed to support aerospace and energy customers. It incorporates solutions from Blum-Novotest, Haimer.

Robot Frees EDM Drill From Machine Enclosure

CNC integration with a six-axis arm provides precise enough positioning to shape air- and gas-flow holes in aerospace and power generation parts.

Increase Profitability 17% with Exporting

This short tutorial will empower you to find the right market for your product, ensure you get paid, and provide resources to get started. (Sponsored)

Four-Flute Carbide Drill Increases OWSI's Feedrate Fourfold

Ceratizit’s line of WTX-HFDS drills saved OWSI 3.5 minutes per part on a difficult job and completely eliminated a secondary operation, increasing profitability.

Siemens Launches New Enclosed Drive System

Siemens says the Sinamics G120XE is ideal for industries such as oil and gas, petrochemical, wastewater, power plants, industrial climate control and refrigeration.

Desktop Metal Acquires Metal AM Manufacturer Aidro

Aidro produces hydraulic and fluid power systems across a wide range of industries. The company uses complex geometries to reduce weight, save space and consolidate multiple components into one, which eliminates assembly and welding requirements.

Capture 3D's Digitizer Accelerates Scanning

Eastec 2021: Capture 3D claims its digitizer can collect up to 12-million points per scan in 0.2 seconds.

Allied Machine Expands Boring Line with Wohlhaupter VolCut

Allied Machine and Engineering has introduced the Wohlhaupter VolCut insert holder, which features a high cutting speed and material removal up to 2.755”.

NVision Laser Scanning Streamlines Power Plant Conversions

NVision is helping coal power plants convert to more-efficient combined cycle gas turbine systems by streamlining turbine measurement with its 3D-scanning equipment.

Parker Hannifin Hosting Webinar for Metalworking Customers

Parker Hannifin is presenting a free webinar November 4 from 2-3 p.m. about air quality control in metalworking facilities.

Mazak Leaders Share Observations of Machine Tool Market During Uncertain Year

Cybersecurity, hybrid machines, automation and the state of the market among the topics addressed. Virtual event with product launches to be held August 11.

Starrag's STC-MTV Five-Axis Mill-Turns Specialize in Hard Metal Machining

IMTS Spark: Starrag’s STC-MTV five-axis multitasking HMCs are designed for hard metal machining in such sectors as aerospace and oil and gas.

Vomat's UBF Vacuum Belt Filter Processes Ultra-Fine Particles from Cutting Fluids

The UBF vacuum belt filter from Vomat, a division of Oelheld, filters ultra-fine particles from oil and water-based coolants.

Drilling and Chamfering Tool Solves Machine Shop's Vexing Problem

An oil & gas part with a lot of holes required that Utex use two different tools to ensure burr-free inner and outer diameters. With Heule’s Vex-S tool, the shop realized time savings per cycle of an entire minute by performing drilling and chamfering in a single step.

Interrupted Turning Operation Cuts Cost With 10-Sided Insert

Using a robust 10-sided insert from Tungaloy, this oil-industry remanufacturer was able to reduce the number of inserts used in interrupted turning operations.

GMN's Prelub GP Oil-Air Lubricator Includes Rapid Error Correction

Westec 2019: The GMN oil-air lubricator Prelub GP is designed for the application of machine tool spindles.

Milling Machine's Oil Curtain Captures Fine Graphite Particles

Dust-free graphite mills eliminate graphite dust while milling graphite electrodes.

Clear Metalworking Fluid Engineered for Easier Part Cleaning

Eastec 2019: Synergy 735 metalworking fluid from Blaser Swisslube is crystal-clear, water-miscible and oil-free, engineered to leave spotless surfaces that are easier to clean.

Synthetic Metalworking Coolant Replaces High-Oil Products

JTM Products has released SynMax, a line of synthetic metalworking coolants.

Grinding Oil Facilitates Cooling, Wetting and Lubrication

IMTS 2018: Oelheld’s ToolGrind TC-X 620 grinding oil is designed for good viscosity and temperature characteristics, along with low misting and aromatic content.