Machine Monitoring Boosts Aerospace Manufacturer's Utilization

Once it had a bird’s eye view of various data points across its shops, this aerospace manufacturer raised its utilization by 27% in nine months.

Cimatron's Updated CAD/CAM Software Streamlines Mold Design

Eastec 2023: Cimatron V16 includes a clean new user interface and increased automation for faster mold design, electrode creation and NC programming.

Solar Atmospheres Receives Northrop Grumman Approval for South Carolina Facility

All five Solar Atmospheres facilities are now an option for customers with Northrop Grumman requirements for vacuum heat treating.

GF Machining Solutions Plans to Open New Medical Manufacturing Facility

The new center will provide medicamanufacturers with applications support and production technologies, including precision milling, EDM, laser texturing, micromachining and automation

Ametek EMC Laser Cutting System Offers Through-Part Cooling

The new laser cutting system offers comprehensive Swiss machining capabilities, as well as through-part cooling and automatic part-handling options.

4 Steps to a Cobot Culture: How Thyssenkrupp Bilstein Has Answered Staffing Shortages With Economical Automation

Safe, economical automation using collaborative robots can transform a manufacturing facility and overcome staffing shortfalls, but it takes additional investment and a systemized approach to automation in order to realize this change.
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Solar Atmosphere Receives Boeing Approval for Vacuum Oil Quenching

The approval was granted for oil quenching of alloy steels in the company’s new furnace, the Neo.

Arch Cutting Tools Acquires Custom Carbide Cutter Inc.

The acquisition adds Custom Carbide Cutter’s experience with specialty carbide micro tools and high-performance burrs to Arch Cutting Tool’s portfolio.

Dielectric Oil Dramatically Reduces EDM Maintenance

Plagued by repeated small fires that interrupted its wire EDM throughput, this cutting tool manufacturer changed its dielectric oil and both eliminated fires and reduced its oil consumption.

Ford Partners With Rockwell Automation to Advance EV Program

The companies will jointly collaborate on assembly tooling designs and architectures that will increase speed to market.

4 Ways 3D Printing Is Changing Medical Implants

Additive manufacturing provides new ways of making medical implants, but its impact is greater than this. How 3D printing is changing medical manufacturing and improving patient outcomes. 

10 Things to Know About Creep-Feed Grinding

Because of the high material removal rate creep-feed grinding can deliver in challenging materials, grinding might not be just the last step in the process—it might be the process.

Sandvik Coromant Extends Line of Ceramic Milling Heads

Sandvik Coromant has developed two solutions designed for shoulder and face milling of nickel-alloy aero-engine parts.


SolidCAM Wants to Help Machine Shops Get into Additive Manufacturing

SolidCAM's partnership with Desktop Metal is aimed at making additive manufacturing more accessible to job shops and other manufacturers.

When a Lathe With Live Tooling Rivals a Multitasking Machine

This shop is working its way up to a full-fledged B-axis multitasking machine. Meanwhile, turning centers with a Y-axis and live tooling are doing just fine.


Modern Bar Feeds Bring New Life to Automatic Swiss Lathes

Cam-actuated Swiss lathes are still the fastest way to process many parts. By adding modern bar feeders, this shop has dramatically improved their utilization with the ability to work unattended, even in a lights-out environment.

New Laser Technology in Non-contact Optical Dimensional Metrology

LADAR technology from API sets a new standard in non-contact optical dimensional metrology for manufacturing industries.

Twin Spindle Design Doubles Production of Small Parts

After experiencing process stalls in the finishing stage of production, Bryan Machine Service designed an air-powered twin spindle and indexable rotating base to effectively double its production of small parts.

10 Tips for Titanium

Simple process considerations can increase your productivity in milling titanium alloys.
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ANCA Introduces Tool Loading System for Medical Drills

ANCA’s dental drill loading kit includes tailored RoboMate pallets for FX machines using a FANUC 200iD robot loader.

Electric Vehicles Spark Bright Ideas

Ford alone expects to have production capacity for 600,000 electric vehicles by late 2023, and more than 2 million by the end of 2026. The effects on manufacturing are BIG.

IMTS is the Place for Aerospace

The aerospace industry will receive a lot of attention at IMTS, as conferences explore both the material and process needs of the complex, advanced industry. (Check out the slideshow for aerospace industry highlights!)