3 Tips to Accelerate Production on Swiss Lathes with Micro Tools

Low RPM lathes can cause tool breakage and prevent you from achieving proper SFM, but live tooling can provide an economical solution for these problems that can accelerate production.

Wall Colmonoy Acquires New Wire EDM From Sodick

The company will use the new wire EDM machine to increase capacity, improve cycle times, achieve tighter tolerances and improve surface finishes.

Mitsui Seiki's Compact VMC Offers High-Precision Milling

The VL30 series is designed to machines high-precision mold inserts for medical, packaging, industrial and aerospace applications.

Vollmer's Grinding Machine Features Double-Spindle Design

Eastec 2023: VGrinds are said to be suitable for machining rotary tools made from carbide, such as drills, milling cutters or reamers.

Nidec Double-Column Machining Center Reduces Non-Cutting Time

Powered by electricity, MV12BxII is designed for a diverse range of production environments, from high-precision surface machining to general parts machining

Unisig's Automated Drilling Machines Adapt to Shop Needs

Eastec 2023: Unisig’s automation encompasses specialized solutions to fit the needs of particular production demands, applications or facilities.

ANCA Machine Advances Cutting Tool Production

Eastec 2023: The MX7 Ultra combines new software, hardware and design features to make advances in surface finish, accuracy and controlled runout.

Tsugami America Lathe Enables Simultaneous Machining

Eastec 2023: The BW129Z Swiss-type lathe uses a three-path control system and dual independent-gang slides to reduce cycle time and produce complex parts quickly.

Hypertherm Associates Software Supports Waterjet Cutting

ProNest LT will support virtually any make or model of a waterjet machine, enabling users to insert the nesting component into their existing workflow.

Okuma Demonstrates Different Perspectives on Automation

Several machine tools featured at Okuma’s 2023 Technology Showcase included different forms automation, from robots to gantry loaders to pallet changers.

Grinding Technology Prepares Manufacturers for Business Challenges

Studer’s automation solutions, S100 flexible grinding machine and intelligent coolant system can help users with unattended machining, machining a range of workpieces and saving energy.

Fryer Offers Compact HMC for Small-Lot Machining

The Fryer HR-40 features a built-in 24" rotary table for multi-sided machining.

Rebuilding Machine Centers: Low Cost, Higher Performance

By sending its grinding machines out for rebuilding, a tooling manufacturer achieved higher speeds at roughly three-fourths the cost of a new machine.

Ametek EMC Laser Cutting System Offers Through-Part Cooling

The new laser cutting system offers comprehensive Swiss machining capabilities, as well as through-part cooling and automatic part-handling options.

JTEKT Launches New Series of HMCs

The  new FH5000 series machines include a 500-mm table capable of handling 1,000-kg loads.

ANCA Offers Economical Pneumatic Grinding Machine

The FX5E features a swing-table pallet design to load and unload pallets.

Mazak Offers Horizontal Turning Center for Flexible Machining

The QT-Ez Series comes equiped with optional spindles, chuck sizes and tailstocks.

DN Solutions Offers Compact Five-Axis VMC

The company’s DVF Series comprises compact five-axis CNC machines that are designed for diverse five-sided or simultaneous five-axis applications.

Integration, Automation and Green Tech Highlight JIMTOF 2022

Known as one of the largest machine tool trade shows in the world, the Japan International Machine Tool Fair (JIMTOF) has a reputation for being a machining technology show more than a machine tool sales event. And this year’s show in Tokyo — the first in-person Japanese machine tool trade show in four years — did not disappoint.

Mazak Offers Horizontal Turning Machine With Multi-Tasking Features

Mazak’s QT-Ez 12MY uses a large A2-8 spindle nose with 3,300 rpm, 22 kW (30 hp) and 285 ft-lbs of torque, as well as a 3.0" (76 mm) bar capacity.

Sunnen Offers Vertical Honing System for Heavy-Duty Parts

The SV-2010 AXYS CNC honing system integrates a vertical honing column with a high-resolution industrial camera and a heavy-duty i5 CNC-controlled servo X-Y table.

Dielectric Oil Dramatically Reduces EDM Maintenance

Plagued by repeated small fires that interrupted its wire EDM throughput, this cutting tool manufacturer changed its dielectric oil and both eliminated fires and reduced its oil consumption.