4 Steps to a Cobot Culture: How Thyssenkrupp Bilstein Has Answered Staffing Shortages With Economical Automation

Safe, economical automation using collaborative robots can transform a manufacturing facility and overcome staffing shortfalls, but it takes additional investment and a systemized approach to automation in order to realize this change.
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Orbital Composites licenses AMCM technology 

Additive manufacturing compression molding (AMCM), co-developed with ORNL, combines robotic AM and continuous fiber technologies to revolutionize high-volume composites manufacturing.


Bio-inspired EV underbody panel developed by TPI Composites, Helicoid Industries

Composite underbody panel for battery pack protection, made of stacked multiaxial noncrimp fabric, will serve high-volume commercial and automotive markets.


SPE ACCE 2023 innovative parts competition is open for nominations

Any register conference participant may nominate original equipment, aftermarket or prototype composite parts for automotive, truck and UAM applications by July 30, 2023.


SHD Composites backs Team BRIT disabled racing driver

Forty-one-year-old Paul Fullick seeks to make history with all-disabled racing drivers competing in the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Arch Cutting Tools Acquires Custom Carbide Cutter Inc.

The acquisition adds Custom Carbide Cutter’s experience with specialty carbide micro tools and high-performance burrs to Arch Cutting Tool’s portfolio.

Ford Partners With Rockwell Automation to Advance EV Program

The companies will jointly collaborate on assembly tooling designs and architectures that will increase speed to market.

SolidCAM Wants to Help Machine Shops Get into Additive Manufacturing

SolidCAM's partnership with Desktop Metal is aimed at making additive manufacturing more accessible to job shops and other manufacturers.

New Laser Technology in Non-contact Optical Dimensional Metrology

LADAR technology from API sets a new standard in non-contact optical dimensional metrology for manufacturing industries.

Electric Vehicles Spark Bright Ideas

Ford alone expects to have production capacity for 600,000 electric vehicles by late 2023, and more than 2 million by the end of 2026. The effects on manufacturing are BIG.

How is an EV Battery Made?

Everyone talks about batteries, but how are they produced? Here’s the long and short (circuit) of it.

Siemens and Mahle Partner to Develop Wireless EV Charging

Mahle will contribute its experience as an automotive supplier and Siemens will use its expertise in the field of charging infrastructure to develop wireless charging stations for electric vehicles.

Sandvik Coromant on Acquisitions: Solutions Entail More Than the Tool

A Q&A with global president Helen Blomqvist explores the cutting tool maker’s acquisition of CAM software companies and how this connects to, among other things, electric vehicles.

How This Motorcycle Startup Will Succeed With U.S. Production

Land Moto is the founder’s second motorcycle company. The first time, production was in China. This time, several factors help advance the effort to produce a low-cost bike in the United States. One of these is the way electrification opens doors to suppliers.

Generative Design for Milling Lightweights EV Motorbike Part

Autodesk’s Fusion 360 generative design function can create mass-saving solutions for three-axis milling and other conventional manufacturing processes. 

Increase Profitability 17% with Exporting

This short tutorial will empower you to find the right market for your product, ensure you get paid, and provide resources to get started. (Sponsored)

Unisign Machine Tools Launches New CNC for Truck Industry

Unisign’s Uniaxle CNC machine enables simultaneous milling and drilling on both axle ends. It provides a dedicated CNC machining center where welded and cast rear axles can be machined in a single setup

GCH Machinery Redesigns Grinding System for EV Manufacturer

GCH Machinery redesigned and repurposed an electric vehicle automaker’s older dual-head grinder to the latest technology. The redesign was aimed at fulfilling the automaker’s green initiative.

Accurate Pattern Achieves ISO 9001: 2015 Certification

Accurate’s quality management system complies with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015, including the design and manufacturing of patterns, tooling and gages for industries and contract services for inspection and machining.

End Mill and Collet Combo Cuts High-Speed Machining Costs 62%

Switching to Emuge-Franken helped precision production machine shop SB Dezigns save 62% in costs on a popular automotive part while lowering cycle times.

BMW Uses Siemens' Automation System to Streamline Production

Siemens’ Sinumerik One will be used at BMW’s Steyr production plant in Austria to produce an electric drive housing.

Supply Chain Woes Yield Opportunities for Manufacturers

As companies scramble to build more robust supply chains, manufacturing events are aiming to help North American manufacturers find new opportunities.

Vlier's Press-Fit Plungers Have Many Applications

Eastec 2021: Vlier’s plungers have a knurled design, allowing for easy installation into wood, soft plastic, aluminum or stainless steel materials without the need for a screwdriver or wrench.

Real Examples of 3D Printing in the Automotive Industry

3D printed end-use parts are going onto vehicles with increasing frequency. Recent real-world examples showcase additive manufacturing benefits in design, weight savings and more. 

Siemens, Toyota Partner for AI Die Casting Solution

Siemens partnered with Toyota to develop artificial intelligence that can predict product abnormalities in aluminum die casting.

Desktop Metal and Uniformity Labs Make 6061 Aluminum for AM

Desktop Metal and Uniformity Labs have created a sinterable 6061 aluminum powder for binder jetting AM production.