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  • Stamping Technology for Workholding

    The stamping technology is considered today’s benchmark in workholding due to its profitable influences on the clamping process in the five-sided machining of blanks.



All webinars are recorded and available on demand.

New Strategies for Machining EV Components that Overcome Challenges

Learn how to implement premium performance methods into your operations that enable burr-free milling and cycle time savings—plus pitfalls to avoid.

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Automate Quality Control: Boost Efficiency and Ensure World-Class Quality

Today, quality control systems typically consist of standalone softwares and manual processes. These disconnected systems lead to countless hours lost each year to redundant, inefficient work.

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How RaaS Makes Robotic Automation Accessible to Shops at Any Scale

True robotics as a service (RaaS) is a flexible, scalable, full-service automation solution that removes traditional barriers to robotic adoption.

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How to Overcome Multi-Channel Mill-Turn and Swiss-Type CAM Programming Challenges

Discover how SolidCAM overcomes programming challenges and delivers highly-customized post-processors suited specifically for your mill-turn and Swiss CNC machines.

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How to Improve Your MES/ERP (and Other Shop Floor Systems) With Machine Data

With critical shop floor data such as cycle times, downtimes, part counts, machine conditions and more, your shop floor systems can help you make better decisions while automating other activities.

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Blending Automation and Die and Mold Operations for Superior Production

Learn how automation can be expertly deployed for scalable die and mold production—including best practices for die and mold—without jeopardizing tolerances, quality or finish.

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Improving CAM Throughput Without Disrupting Production

Learn about a number of CAD/CAM tools that boost manufacturing productivity and require only minimal time and energy to implement—ensuring that throughput is not disrupted.

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Are You Ready for AS13100 and the New Submission Requirements?

See how to efficiently create, manage, support and monitor AS13100, IATF 16949, ISO 13485, ISO 9001 and other industry submission requirements.

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Busting Myths of Horizontal Machining

Learn how horizontal machining has been overlooked as an ideal solution for precision cutting, why you should consider HMCs for your floor, and best practices to put your learnings into action.

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Digital Augmentation: The Missing Element to Your Frontline Operations

Instead of bringing in the latest technology and hoping for improvements, machine shops and manufacturing plants should consider how such technology can augment their human resources and empower them to solve daily challenges.

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Optimize Milling Efficiency with Wide Range of Universal Milling Heads

Discover the advantages of machining large, complex components providing additional cutting capacity and versatility to cover any workpiece.

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Future-Proof Your Shop by Combining Metal 3D Printing with CNC Machining

Learn how to future-proof your shop through advanced technology and support.

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Difficult-to-Drill Materials Made Easy

Sumitomo will review how you can reduce work hardening by using coolant through drills and learning which speeds and feeds will reduce work hardening.

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Are Cobots for You? Automate Your Machining Processes with Collaborative Robots

This webinar will cover the advantages of cobots: cost-effectiveness, payloads and the different types of end-of-arm tooling components in regards to machining.

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Five Digitization Strategies to Improve Margins and On-Time Delivery in Any Economy

When faced with an economic downturn or market volatility, you need to keep your business agile to stay ahead. The best way to do that? Digitization.

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Optimizing Swiss Machine Setup and Operation with Advanced Quick-Change Cutting Tools

Swiss machining is synonymous with speed and accuracy. The cutting tool solutions applied in this environment must possess the same traits to ensure these complex machines stay up and running.

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Transform Your Approach to Maintenance with Condition Monitoring

Explore how condition monitoring solutions make it easy for any manufacturer to make proactive decisions based on the current health of their equipment.

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Maximizing Wire EDM Productivity by Employing .016 in. Wire Diameter Technologies

Explore how the use of .016 inch wire diameter technology in wire electrical discharge machining (EDM) helps to increase cutting speeds, decrease cycle time and improve productivity.

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Accelerating Digital Transformation in Manufacturing Through Integrated CAD/CAM

Gain a new understanding of how organizations use integrated CAD/CAM technologies to accelerate their digital transformation.

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How to Use Circle-Segment End Mills to Improve Cycle Time and Surface Finish

The unique designs of circle-segment cutters—combined with proven material-specific geometries—utilize specialized tool paths to make complex parts faster and better.

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Improve Efficiency for High-Mix, Low-Volume and Single-Part Machining

With innovative technologies, you can ensure that repeatability is maintained throughout the machining process—resulting in more uptime and faster changeovers.

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Start From Here: Build Up Your Mega Factory

Smart technology is all about the digital enablement of production equipment for better process control, data intelligence, IoT and more.

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Algorithms and Advanced Software Features for Five-Axis Machining

Learn how CNC systems are made more capable than ever with artificial intelligence, data flow management and hardware power.

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Workholding Considerations to Reduce Setup Time and Process Variability

As a precision manufacturer, finding the right workholding solution and keeping process variability to a minimum is paramount.

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The Death of MES and the Rise of the Connected Factory Ecosystem

Today's manufacturers need to be more agile and innovative than ever before, and outdated systems of the past just don't cut it.

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How to Scale a Job Shop for Growth with Fewer People

Learn how shop information automation can change the game, including enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, manufacturing execution systems (MES) and quality management systems (QMS).

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Correlative Workflow to Identify the Root Cause of Particle Contamination

Understand how technical cleanliness solutions can identify the root cause of contamination, allowing you to make the right decision faster.

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Advanced Production Planning and Scheduling

The ongoing global material/logistics shortage—combined with limited workforce supply and increasing labor costs—pose major risks for today's value chains.

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The Multi-Shop View: How to Apply Machine Monitoring Across Multiple Machining Facilities

As the market becomes more competitive globally, being able to show your company valuable data about your process helps to keep you profitable.

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Closing the Age Gap for a Precision Tool Company

Hardinge new hires Nate White and Gabriel Sharkey discuss why they chose the machine tool industry.

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How One New Machinist Accelerated from Novice to Advanced In Record Time

Learn how one SolidCAM customer went from an inexperienced novice to an advanced CAM user, servicing high-end customers with complex parts.

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Metal 3D Printing for Machine Shops: Success Stories from the Field

Binder jetting has become a key technology to bring metal additive manufacturing to mass production.

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SOLIDWORKS CAM and Beyond: Expanding Your CAM Programming Capabilities

Knowing where to find the right CAM programming functionality is essential for manufacturers to be successful and remain competitive.

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Metal 3D Printing for Service Bureaus and Machine Shops

Mass production metal 3D printing solutions offer service bureaus and machine shops an opportunity to service a broader set of customers with an expanded array of applications, ranging from one-offs to batch (or even mass) production of metal parts.

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Metal 3D Printing vs. Machining

Learn specifically about how metal 3D printing compares to traditional CNC machining; material properties, part economics and throughput will all be discussed.

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Automate Your Production Monitoring with Machine Data

Learn how automated production monitoring solutions capture accurate, real-time machine data and automate data flow to other business types, helping manufacturers achieve greater visibility and efficiency.

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Facing the Machinist Shortage: Adopting Technology to Fill the Experience Gap and Do More with Less

Explore the benefits of using software to establish smarter manufacturing processes to enable increased quality production with fewer resources.

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Additive Manufacturing 2.0 – Cost, ROI, Guidelines and Case Studies

Review the new generation of additive manufacturing approaches to metal 3D printing.

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