Twin Spindle Design Doubles Production of Small Parts

After experiencing process stalls in the finishing stage of production, Bryan Machine Service designed an air-powered twin spindle and indexable rotating base to effectively double its production of small parts.

Cimatron's Updated CAD/CAM Software Streamlines Mold Design

Cimatron's Updated CAD/CAM Software Streamlines Mold Design

Eastec 2023: Cimatron V16 includes a clean new user interface and increased automation for faster mold design, electrode creation and NC programming.

YCM Alliance Hits IMTS

YCM Technology has joined with other like-minded machine tool manufacturers to take a solutions-based approach to manufacturing.
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Tool and Die Shop Discovers New Opportunities With First CNC Machine

In a shop that stamps millions of parts per year, the arrival of a CNC machining center is opening new pathways for production and business. 

Hexagon Acquires TST Tooling Software Technology

Hexagon acquires TST Tooling Software Technology, a distributor of VISI, Hexagon’s CAD/CAM software for the mold and die sector, and PEPS CAM software.

Stars Slowly Align for Small Shop Merger

RPM Tool’s seemingly overnight expansion from a five-person machine shop to an almost 30-employee production business involved over a year and a half of planning.
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Best Practices: Machining Difficult Materials

Cutting hardened steel, titanium and other difficult materials requires picking the right tools, eliminating spindle runout and relying on best practices to achieve tight part tolerances.

Increase Profitability 17% with Exporting

This short tutorial will empower you to find the right market for your product, ensure you get paid, and provide resources to get started. (Sponsored)

Acme Receives National Metalworking Reshoring Award

The National Metalworking Reshoring Award honors companies that have effectively reshored products, parts or tooling made primarily by metal forming, fabricating, casting or machining, including additive manufacturing.
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New Machining Centers Improve Moldmaking Workflow

Westminster Tool has shifted the workflow in its moldmaking department to incorporate high-speed five-axis and, as a result, cut lead times and reduce the need for wire EDM. 

Siemens, Toyota Partner for AI Die Casting Solution

Siemens partnered with Toyota to develop artificial intelligence that can predict product abnormalities in aluminum die casting.

KraussMaffei Sells Austrian Division to Luger

KraussMaffei Group has sold KraussMaffei Austria to Luger GmbH, with plans to leverage Luger’s sales expertise to build KraussMaffei sales in Austria and Hungary.

Mark Ullstrup Retiring from Superior Die Set

Mark Ullstrup, Superior Die Set’s VP of sales and marketing, has decided to retire. Rodney Yeomans, the company’s director of sales, will assume the role.

Walter's AC001 and A3000 Introduce Preset Vibration Damping

Walter’s AC001 vibration damping adaptor for long milling tools and A3000 boring bar line include preset axially and radially flexible damper elements to enhance stability for machining deep cavities.

Cavalier Tool Purchases Mold Services International

Cavalier Tool and Manufacturing Ltd. has purchased Mold Services International, expanding its capacity for operations it previously outsourced.

Parker Hannifin Hosting Webinar for Metalworking Customers

Parker Hannifin is presenting a free webinar November 4 from 2-3 p.m. about air quality control in metalworking facilities.


Four New High-Performance Milling Techniques for 3D Machining

With many 3D milling applications demanding both shorter cycle times and smoother surface finishes, it’s time to review how you go about programming and machining parts. These four strategies will let you rough dramatically faster and achieve astonishingly fine surface finishes.
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Die Makers Adapt to Challenges All Machine Shops Face

Die shops offer examples of adapting to the skills shortage and excelling at difficult machining. Plus, why reshoring should begin with die tooling.

Modern Machine Shop Talks Die Machining, Moldmaking and Leadtime Leaders

Emily Probst, senior editor of Modern Machine Shop magazine talks with Christina Fuges, executive director of MoldMaking Technology magazine, about 2020 Leadtime Leader Award winner Precise Tooling Solutions and the lessons this moldmaker can teach CNC machine shops.

Unisig's USC-2M, USC-3M Gundrilling Machines Designed for Productive Moldmaking

Unisig has introduced two models for its USC-M series designed to provide moldmakers with higher productivity in milling and deep-hole drilling applications.

Guided TA Tool Overcomes Cross-Hole Drilling Hurdles in Moldmaking

Allied Machine & Engineering’s Guided TA drill for moldmaking applications is used for producing water lines.

Die Maker Describes Five-Day Build for Tool Urgently Needed for Coronavirus Ventilator Production

Running 11 five-axis machines simultaneously, a die maker reduced a five week lead time to just five days. Here’s how. 

One Auto Parts Supplier's Shift to Ventilators: Now Making 1000s of Parts per Week on Die Delivered in Days

GM applying its supply chain expertise to enable successes such as aiding this ventilator maker to expand sourcing for 700 parts.