4 Ways 3D Printing Is Changing Medical Implants

Additive manufacturing provides new ways of making medical implants, but its impact is greater than this. How 3D printing is changing medical manufacturing and improving patient outcomes. 

GF Machining Solutions Plans to Open New Medical Manufacturing Facility

GF Machining Solutions Plans to Open New Medical Manufacturing Facility

The new center will provide medicamanufacturers with applications support and production technologies, including precision milling, EDM, laser texturing, micromachining and automation

Ametek EMC Laser Cutting System Offers Through-Part Cooling

The new laser cutting system offers comprehensive Swiss machining capabilities, as well as through-part cooling and automatic part-handling options.

Arch Cutting Tools Acquires Custom Carbide Cutter Inc.

The acquisition adds Custom Carbide Cutter’s experience with specialty carbide micro tools and high-performance burrs to Arch Cutting Tool’s portfolio.

SolidCAM Wants to Help Machine Shops Get into Additive Manufacturing

SolidCAM's partnership with Desktop Metal is aimed at making additive manufacturing more accessible to job shops and other manufacturers.

Modern Bar Feeds Bring New Life to Automatic Swiss Lathes

Cam-actuated Swiss lathes are still the fastest way to process many parts. By adding modern bar feeders, this shop has dramatically improved their utilization with the ability to work unattended, even in a lights-out environment.

ANCA Introduces Tool Loading System for Medical Drills

ANCA’s dental drill loading kit includes tailored RoboMate pallets for FX machines using a FANUC 200iD robot loader.

YCM Alliance Hits IMTS

YCM Technology has joined with other like-minded machine tool manufacturers to take a solutions-based approach to manufacturing.
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Machine-Ready Blanks Help Shops Reduce Setup Time and Scrap

Machine-ready blanks from TCI Precision Metals are designed to help shops shorten setup time and reduce amounts of scrap. These blanks are ready to ship but can also be custom ordered.

Beyond the Machines: How Quality Control Software Is Automating Measurement & Inspection

A high-precision shop producing medical and aerospace parts was about to lose its quality management system. When it found a replacement, it also found a partner that helped the shop bring a new level of automation to its inspection process.

View From My Shop, Episode 2: 3D Printing and Postprocessing With Tangible Solutions

Collaboration between Tangible Solutions’ additive and machining departments simplifies their work. Learn more in this episode of The View From My Shop.

Best Practices: Machining Difficult Materials

Cutting hardened steel, titanium and other difficult materials requires picking the right tools, eliminating spindle runout and relying on best practices to achieve tight part tolerances.

Five-Axis and Clever Controls Support Medical Manufacturing

Kern’s Micro Vario and Heidenhain’s TNC 640 control give M5 the precision and accuracy it needs to successfully micromachine medical parts.
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Increase Profitability 17% with Exporting

This short tutorial will empower you to find the right market for your product, ensure you get paid, and provide resources to get started. (Sponsored)

High-Pressure Coolant System Reduces Cycle Time More Than 6 Hours

A suite of systems from LNS has enabled Velco Tool & Die to reduce cycle times and increase its throughput. 

New Five-Axis Milling Machine, Horizontal Wire EDM for Medical

GF Machining Solutions’ Mikron Mill E 500 U five-axis milling machine and Cut AM 500 horizontal wire EDM are designed to work seamlessly alongside the company’s additive manufacturing systems for complete medical part processing and optimized workflow.

Putting People First: a Profitable Strategy

Treating people fairly and valuing their contributions isn't only the right thing to do. It’s also a direct path toward greater profitability, as shown by this Top Shop.

Supply Chain Woes Yield Opportunities for Manufacturers

As companies scramble to build more robust supply chains, manufacturing events are aiming to help North American manufacturers find new opportunities.

Carr Machine & Tool Expands Operations

Carr's new location is a 15,000 square foot high-tech facility in which the company intends to add robotic, inspection and machine technologies.

Keeping the Faith Diversifies CNC Machining Opportunity

Higher purposes propel prosperous investments in quality control, superalloy turning and five-axis automation.

Vlier's Press-Fit Plungers Have Many Applications

Eastec 2021: Vlier’s plungers have a knurled design, allowing for easy installation into wood, soft plastic, aluminum or stainless steel materials without the need for a screwdriver or wrench.

Transitioning to CNC Swiss-Type Machining? Here’s How One Shop Did It.

The introduction of CNC Swiss-type machines at Deking Screw Products brought a new and highly efficient production method to the business. But it also required learning the distinct differences inherent with Swiss-type machining, and a mindset change for the company’s leaders.

New Machining Centers Improve Moldmaking Workflow

Westminster Tool has shifted the workflow in its moldmaking department to incorporate high-speed five-axis and, as a result, cut lead times and reduce the need for wire EDM.