OSG End Mills Provide High-Efficiency Milling

The company has expanded its range of end mills with two offerings for high-speed milling.


End mill
Photo Credit: OSG USA Inc.

OSG USA Inc. has added inch sizes to its A Brand AE-CR-MS-H end mill. The A Brand AE-CR-MS-H is a multiflute square-type and radius-type carbide end mill designed for stable and high-efficiency milling of high-hardness steels. With the addition of the new Durorey coating engineered for high-hardness steels, high chipping resistance is reportedly possible even in work materials exceeding 60 HRC, enabling long tool life and high-speed milling.

The A Brand AE-CR-MS-H end mill offers variable index to reduce chattering, cutting-edge geometry for stable machining of high-hardness steels, Durorey coating, which is said to perform well in high-hardness steels.

Additionally, OSG has expanded its A Brand AE-N end mill series with the addition of the A Brand AE-VTSS end mill. The A Brand AE-VTSS is a Duarise-coated, advanced, multifunctional carbide end mill for ferrous metals. The end mill is said to provide optimized chip handling, and can side mill, slot, ramp and plunge.

The A Brand AE-VTSS end mill offers a positive rake angle that reduce cutting force; high rigidity to improve milling accuracy; a new flute form that is said to facilitates excellent chip evacuation; a Duarise coating to minimize thermal cracks; and variable leads, which enable stable and high-efficiency milling.